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Downgraded to basic user after paying a whole year (premium)



Last month I've paid for a whole year of Evernote premium and I've got downgraded to basic user last week (after using premium for 2 weeks). Already contacted support but nothing... I've been without premium for more than a week and now (since support response is slow with 10-14 days waiting time) I have to wait almost another 2 weeks!! And, since I've been downgraded to basic, of course my support contact does not get the same attention as a premium support request.

This is unacceptable! I'm writing here in hope that one of Evernote staff people read this and solve my problem ASAP, because paying a premium service and not been able to user it is like stealing money from people!

Best regards,

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True, because I've paid for a month of premium.

Let me explain again: in October 2020 I've bought a whole year of premium. After 2 weeks, I was downgraded to basic and had to buy a month of premium in order to use Evernote. But, as for now, I'm still with the monthly premium, which is almost over. I've sent several support requests since October, and so far, still have the problem.

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You can try twitter evernotehelps, but response is also slow and back on 11/30 🙃.
Evernote is killing its business, also waiting on response about payment. 6 days, no response from support or twitter.
It seems Evernote is in a deep crisis at the moment.


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