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Roll back to previous version?

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So far I have found the new version to be less functional and slower, how can I roll back to the previous version?

The loss of the keyboard shortcuts is particularly annoying and really slows down the creation of a new note.  Seriously considering shopping for a new app that's more focused on the basic functionality and making sure it really works.

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20 minutes ago, Chris2411 said:

Thanks. If I run them side by side do they use the same database of notes or do they diverge?

If you want to control your blood pressure you might just run the older version until EN gets this cluster sorted.

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I pay Evernote because I need to use it on my iPhone. Since yesterday afternoon, previous notes cannot be deleted or edited. The order of the notebooks became a mess.

It is absolutely unfair for ios users who pay Evernote.

If it’s not easy to resolve this problem quickly, Evernote should also launch old version app on ios - 10.2.temporary - something work as old ios app. 

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What a mess. I have been a loyal Evernote user for years and years, but a one enjoyable software experience has turned into a nightmare. So many things missing from the new version and now it's randomly losing my data. This is unacceptable. Anyone else looking to find a new solution? I only use Evernote as a digital file cabinet for my scanned files. Any recommendations?

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I feel your pain fellow Premium EN members. I use EN across multiple devices - Winblowz laptop, Mac Air, iPad, and iPhone. EN v10.x.x has failed on Winblowz, MacAir, and iPad. EN v10.x.x has been duplicating notes. I have experienced some lame message about "duplicate note has been found" or something similar. I spend a few minutes to diff the notes to identify the current version. More recently EN v10.x.x prompts with a dialog that it failed to save and all my entries prior to the save are obliterated.

OneNote is looking like a good alternate solution. Does anyone know how to export from EN and import to OneNote?

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