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SO bad. Why is the link to a site buried in "info" requiring extra steps to find and click when it's a WEB CLIP???!!! Am I missing something?



I have so many issues with the new version that have been covered here but I have to vent about something so basic that I can't believe they made it worse. In EN on desktop, you used to be able to click up top and you could immediately see the link to the website and sometimes, depending on capture method, you could even just click on the guts of the note and it would take you to the website. The whole purpose of WEB CLIPPING is to clip pages and be able to quickly go back to them, right?  Wrong. I stood there in front of a client trying to show them items I had clipped for them to look at and when I had to answer a question that required going back to the website, I'm clicking all over and nothing is happening and then I realize I have to find the "info" tab where the link is literally buried. TOTAL waste of time.

Do not even get me started on the search, now on the bottom because ... ? which is beyond stupid and confusing. 

I've been using EN forever and really rely on it to run my business. The whole thing now makes me frustrated and sad and I'm honestly less productive. Why aren't focus groups done, why aren't a REAL cross section of users polled, why don't they watch how actual people in their actual environments use their damn product?! EPIC FAIL. 



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What device are you using... I see links to the source OK on the Windows app.

I just clipped this page and can see the link in the web clip box and also when the formatting is simplified.



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On 11/1/2020 at 4:28 PM, Jon/t said:

What device are you using... I see links to the source OK on the Windows app.

It depends on what clip option you are using. If you clip screen shots, selected text or pdfs for example the only source of the url is in the note information window. You can quickly get to this with ctrl-shift-I.

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