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(Archived) Big Day -- Congratulations, Evernoters!

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See the latest Evernote blog.

Here's hoping that we'll be seeing even better things from Evernote, when they're ready, of course.

In an unrelated note, I'll be visiting San Francisco and Yosemite starting tomorrow -- think I'll be able to see the mound of cash from the air as I fly in? :D


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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Evernote is now Super Bowl worthy!!! Just curious...are your servers going to be able to handle the traffic starting late Feb 6th, since everyone will be going to your website to see the commercials that were too racy to air on national tv???


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We received a really great investment offer based almost entirely on how loyal (and attractive) our users are. The offer was too good to refuse, but we plan to be smart with the money to make sure that it's spent well to keep increasing the value for our current and future customers.

I.e. we won't be doing anything quite as flashy as a SuperBowl ad any time soon, but we hope to keep staffing up on important projects and investing in equipment and infrastructure that will keep Evernote rock solid for the next 5-50 million users.

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Congratulations, and thank you very much, for your plans to invest some of this money to build a bureau in Germany. As a germany user, this could only be a good thing for me. :)

May i ask what the bureau is for? Is it just marketing?

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Oh yeah. Eating quite well. Still in Tokyo but off to Osaka over the weekend for some meetings (a clever excuse), a meet-up with our users (the real reason) and some amazing food (the real, real reason). Finally back to the office on Monday after a month in Asia. Will take a week to stop bowing to everyone.

Thanks to everyone on the forum for the support and kind words! As Dave said, the value of our company is based entirely on the support of our users.

I did say that we're considering opening up an office Germany, but we haven't finalized any plans yet. I'll head over there to investigate, and maybe eat something.

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