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Create Tags specific to individual (or list of) Notebooks

Genadiy Tsvetkov


Guys, could you pls consider adding a feature of assigning tags only to specific notebooks. 

I am using my evernote account to deal with many aspects - some are work related, some a private, some are hobbies and so on. 

I ended up having a massive list of Tags which complicates searching for the right one, as they may sound familiar sometimes but referring a totally different thing. 

E.g. "Stock"  - may mean a Stock function for the software we are developping (work related) or "Stock" for the Invesmtents instruments that are of my personal interest. 

it is hard to navigate, when i switch to individual notebooks i want to see only relevant tags for that notebook (an creating new ones also based on how granular are the existing ones). 


i saw people talking about this feature but from other angles also: 


Thanks, Genadiy


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