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Ctrl+N to start New Note from Sys Tray/Helper

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In the EN helper in the Sytem Tray right-click shows a menu which offers Ctrl+N to start a New Note.

This does not work from the sys tray or when the desktop has the focus. Ctrl+N only works when EN 10.x is open and has focus.

The Ctrl+N notation in the helper is misleading.


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Evernote needs to think about the "messaging" that comes with frustrations. Before the helper, I had the tray icon always visible and a quick click opened it up-- and snappy fast! Now I get this scratchpad instead, forcing a mouseover and secondary click to get to my notes.

EN needs to realize users are popping the app open frequently, so making this so awkward just puts up a barrier.

And the fact you cannot disable the helper app just makes me resent the app every time I (try) to open it!

I am a 11+ year user and want EN to succeed, but problems like this are pushing me away. In trying to add a (low value) "feature" they have damaged the user experience, and this has major marketing impact.

EN also needs to realize that "options are valuable" and while they seem to want to avoid options for the sake of simplicity, it becomes a one-size-fits-all force-fit situation that means design choices can be damaging. Need to have the ability to turn the helper off, for example. 





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