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"new" Evernote

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I literally just switched myself,  but it doesn't look bad to me at first glance.  What are you finding issues with?  It seems to be far better laid out and more responsive than the previous web version.  Sadly it does not seem to have the same mechanism in Settings for switching back to a previous option.  What's the URL you get for the Evernote web page? 

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Thank you for posting how to downgrade! For others the quick link is: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

For me the new Evernote Mac lacks two critical productivity features I rely on many times daily:

Hope Evernote re-adds these features in future updates (or keeps the Evernote Legacy version around for a very long time)

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Except from insulting other people, do you have anything to contribute ?

Else I would try support on individual problems.

And, yes, context is gone, and that is it. Not happy about it either, but there are worse things that could (and did) happen to a software after a major release.

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My only contribution is to pay to be a Premium member of the Evernote for ten years and use the Evernote version of evernote, but after I changed the CEO, it became worse and worse, so I hurriedly switched to other companies.

Who knows that the CEO will make the company worse after receiving his salary, The CEO's ability to write coding is insufficient, and he insists on having political achievements, shame on him.

I now use note station and I recommend it to everyone. Its interface is 99% similar to evernote. The system is super stable and you don't have to worry about changing user habits.

It’s not difficult to set up, in addition to putting a lot of photos and videos.

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Thanks for posting. Many users are currently looking for alternatives - IMHO never a bad thing, even if you decide to stay.

About Note station (I am running 2 Synology Disk Stations, so I know what we are talking about): One must run a Synology DS to use it, which is a 3-digit investment at least. External access needs to be configured by the user, which for many people is difficult to do in a safe way (UPnP is not safe ...). And it depends on the use case, but for me NS is far from feature parity to EN.

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