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(Archived) Syncing issues - what happens with unsynced notes


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I still have trouble syncing my notes - new notes on the client just dont make it online.

However - mostly by routine - I still added some new notes on the Android client - which are now lingering in my notebook, waiting to be synced.

It seems that others do not have this problem, so I thought about how to resolve this. Would logging off and on be a good idea? What exactly happens? Is all synced data lost? What happens to those non-synced notes?

Same questions for uninstalling and reinstalling? Might that help? Again: What happens to these unsynced notes?

Thanks for your help! (And thanks for the great advances in both Android and Win Client. Awesome!)

BTW: The widget has also vanished from the widget list - shortly AFTER the last update last Friday.

I am running a stock HTC Desire on Froyo 2.2 in a German T-Mobile Network

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Logging out or uninstalling does lose unsyched data. We'd fixed some sync problems between the first and second release, perhaps those are what have made the difference.

Unsynced changes are stored on the SD Card. Very sophisticated users could poke around in: /sdcard/Evernote/notes/ and look for files called "content.xml" and files ending in ".data" to find any text and images.

I'm not specifically aware of any problems with the widget. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote application will require that you reconfigure the widget.

If you encounter any more sync problems it would be great to use the Android application "SendLog" available in the market to provide us a little more detailed diagnostic information.

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Sync is working fine now, its really great and I love the offline functionality.

do you need to be online to get search functionality? It doesnt seem to work offline....

However, the widget is definitely gone for me - still after uninstallling and reinstalling. Both under the HTC Sense and Launcher Pro Homes.

It simply doesnt show up in the list of widgets :-( i worked around this by creating activity shortcuts with launcher pro, taking me right to the search / new note activities, but i guess that's not the way its supposed to be :-)

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