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After scanning a document, switching to "Photo" is broken (and more complicated).



Before v10, after scanning a document, we had the option of selecting "photo" to save that document as a full photo if desired. But in v10, when we choose "photo," instead of seeing the full photo, I'm being presented with a cropped version of the photo, which isn't helpful.

Furthermore, it seems the only workaround for this is a new option when beginning a scan: We're now asked to select either "auto" or "photo"—which is ironic because the previous procedure was in fact automatic! Now, if we don't care for the way the scan looks, we have to delete the scan, choose "photo" and scan the document again. In other words, the procedure is now far, far more complicated because we're asked to make a decision before we even see which type of scan might look best.

Scanning was automatic before. Now it's not. Now it's fiddly and unpredictable.

In what way or ways is this an improvement upon the way scanning worked before?

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