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Bad Audio Quality when listening on AirPods Pro

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in the new Evernote version I recognized a bad audio quality, when I hear an audio file through the iOS Evernote app...

Before I insert the audio file in Evernote, the quality was good and also when I download this audio from Evernote to the local file storage, the audio quality is good again. Only when I try to listen to the audio from a note in Evernote, the quality is bad...


I use an iPhone 8 Plus with AirPods Pro, so I can't say, if this problem happens with other devices and earphones as well...


Hope it will be fixed soon, because I use Evernote almost exclusively for listening to audios on the phone. 😕


Thank you :) 

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  • 2 months later...

I’ve had the exact same issue. Audio files sound absolutely terrible on any Bluetooth device since 10.0. If I try it through my car’s Bluetooth, my phone actually calls itself first before even playing the awful audio. Has anyone had any luck finding a solution?

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YES This! I am having a great time migrating music related organization to evernote but the quality of mp3 streamed through the app on blue tooth (I am using power beats pro) is awful! Totally distorted and degraded! Seems like evernote needs to check it out! Support!!

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If this is important to you, issue a support ticket.

The audio feature in EN is meant for audio note taking, not as a music player. This it probably puts compression first, not sound quality. To replay audio in good quality better use a player that was designed for music, not speach.

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Thank you @PinkElephant for your response. I will issue a support ticket.  As a function, the notes have the ability to host MP3 and they playback totally fine without bluetooth (over the iphone speaker or over any hardware speaker) this issue is specifically over bluetooth.  My sense is this difference between music and speech is actually obscuring the problem. I'd bet if one were to listen to speech over blue ooth it would be just as garbled and difficult to listen to. I understand the recorder function is meant for compressed speech audio but as a musician who has found this to be a great tool for music organization there is no reason in my mind that audio playback over bluetooth should be this degraded.

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Just gave it another try.

On the iPhone replay through AirPods 2 is Mono and compressed. Over the phones speakers it is stereo and uncompressed. Both playing from the same MP3 embedded in EN.

On the Mac speakers and AirPods play stereo uncompressed. The same MP3 plays fine when exported from EN and played from the files app on the iPhone, both on speakers and AirPods.

Seems a specific issue when using AirPods connected to the iPhone.

Thanks for issuing a ticket.

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Yep I also tested with Ipad and the powerbeats and the same issue presented itself. Support has already responded to me and told me that EN is aware of the issue and are working on a permanent fix!  The work around with Files app is a good interim solution.

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