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Search notes in trash



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In the iOS v10 client, if you go to the trash notebook (at the bottom of the left side panel), there is a special search field to select notes in the trash. You can then selectively delete them (without emptying the whole trash), or reactivate them. Probably all v10-clients are similar.


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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

1st still on legacy with Mac & Pc

2nd the v10 clients are said to behave similar.

In legacy you had to choose the trash notebook before searching. Then it searched in the trash, and only there. This did not work with v10 any longer, at least not on iOS.

The windows version doesn't seem to behave the same as the ios version. There is no special search box. When in trash hitting the search bar does not give the option to filter in trash (as a normal notebook would). In short I haven't yet found a way of doing it.

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Sorry to resurrect an old post. I've noticed you can search trash on Web, but you can't easily restore multiple notes. It's the reverse in the Windows app: you can't search Trash, but you can easily restore multiple notes. I wan't to search trash AND be able to restore multiple notes at once.


2022-03-31 10_21_33-Search results - Evernote and 2 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft Edge.png

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I presume that works on a Mac. The Windows desktop not so. I searched for a word that I could see in a note in Trash having pre-seoected the Trash folder. It returned one note from an entirely different notebook ie nothing from Trash.

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