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Tag Issue and missing functionality - Hope you will rethink all of those things.



  • Tags extremely buggy almost unuseful now.
  • When I add or remove a tag from a note it doesn't show the note in the correct tag when filtering them, but instead still show it in the removed tag.
  • I have to add and remove the tag and add more tags and remove them to see the note appear in the right tag list after a while, seems seriously buggy
  • The update added 300.000 clicks a day to have the same functions I used to do with 10, productivity is gone, had to roll back to legacy if I want to work.
  • Tags and notebooks on 2 different positions now (above and below the note), terrible, need to go up and down with mouse to setup a note, please add the option to put back the tag on the top next to the notebook. It slows down workflow terribly and make the tags invisible even if enormous, takes up a lot of space now for nothing.
  • I cannot anymore associate a tag dragging the note over it on the sidebar - awful this has been removed
  • when I click on the notebook it filter the notebook instead of allow me to change notebook, I need to go clicking the tiny hidden icon for moving the note to a different notebook. It is a functionality that doesn't make sense there, filter are on the left and note on the right, was simple enough, why should I have an extra filter for 1 specific notebook throw randomly somewhere? Piss me off 300 times a day every time I try to change the notebook and find myself having to click back to the previous list and search for the hidden secret button.
  • Links in note need 2 clicks now, why, do you like clicks? - slow down the work, what is the purpose to have a link and click it twice to open it??
  • Search box above new note button? Every app in the word have it on the top right, there it feels in an unnatural place and steal space to shortcuts.
  • Lot of wasted space for design purpose removed note space above the list of notes and above the note itself, previous version was simple, clear and efficient, all space well used, this is just heavy and slow.
  • New editor seems like the previous without the rec audio, but takes up 3 times the space plus some double tools, a color wheel lost, and a palette you can't customize and save your colors anymore, doesn't seems an improved editor.
  • Yes, New Table, Sketch and better drag and drop for checklist are cool, you could have added only those 3 and all was excellent for me.
  • I was hoping in the new version to see new options like the possibility to associate notes inside notes more easily or creating improved pages like other apps do but I found myself going around clicking in 10 different places to do the same thing that before required 2 clicks. Terrible user experience.
  • I had to get back to the legacy if I want to keep use it, as after 3 days of testing the new app I reduced my workflow speed by 80%
  • I loved evernote but I believe it will not be anymore the tool of my choice when legacy will go away.
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