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Increase Evernote Helper Scratch Pad Text Limit

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Currently, the Evernote Helper Scratch Pad limits users to 300 characters. This is problematic because swapping from the Scratch Pad to the Evernote Application interrupts my workflow. I love the idea of the Scratch Pad. If the Scratch Pad permitted 600 or 1200 characters instead, then it would be more versatile and useful.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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The helper feature of Evernote from the menu bar was very meaningful for R&D and note taking workflows which I was extensively using without switching the context or app. Since Evernote is a note taking app, I didn't quite understand the benefit of introducing the character limit here.

This character limitation reduces the actual purpose of the helper and its effectiveness. Hence requesting the team to consider and retain the previous features of the helper. Thanks!

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It's not a scratch pad. It's a post-it ... isn't that why the number of characters are limited?... why it's always displayed in home? ... it's a post-it for the Evernote home screen.

600 characters is about five sentences. Can't a 'quick thought' be more than five sentences?  It usually is when I dictate a quick idea.

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