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All of the attachments from the recent notes are vanished

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For whatever reason I've upgraded to Evernote 10. Mostly because I thought, that this would be a regular version. But it isn't! At the fist sight it looked ok. But the notes I've created during the last couple of months don't contain ANY attachments (mostly PDFs and pictures) anymore. The notes themselves are still there with all the text in there. But there aren't any attachments embedded within the notes - neither pictures nor PDFs. Even in Evernote Web they don't exist! The previous version of Evernote 7.14 marked all notes as synced. I cannot say by now, if these missing attachments did exist on Evernote Web before the upgrade to Evernote 10. 

Luckily I found Evernote Legacy for Mac to download. After installing this version all the attachments are back again! I pressed the sync-button. Evernote Legacy says all notes are synced. I created a new one either in V10 and in Legacy. Both new notes have been synced correctly. But the missing attachments from the old notes still don't exist in Evernote Web and V10, although the notes seem to be OK in Evernote Legacy.

BTW. Internal links to other Evernote notes don't work anymore with Evernote 10. They still work with Legacy version.

Any ideas what could do to get the missing attachments, that do exist in Evernote Legacy, synced to Evernote Server (again)?

Best regards.

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Hi Hans! I'm experiencing the very same issue. The problem, as I find it as a UI programmer, is in new UI components that fail to display these (manually inserted) attachments and in-text images. As well, the new "code fragment" component loses all info on the text formatting (and does not allow to format inner text anymore). And we now don't have a direct hyperlink to the note's source on the UI, for the notes created with the Web Clipper. All these things are now broken. I say "broken" because they do break user's data backwards compatibility on the UI's level of things. There should be a Critical bug for it already, I hope.

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