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Hyperlink auto conversion PLEASE STOP



Who on earth came up with the idea that the DEFAULT behaviour, which is NOT able to be turned off, when you paste a hyperlink e.g. to youtube would be to convert this into an embedded video frame, and a giant one at that?! Why would ANYONE vaguely want this?? Every time i moved a block of text around in a note, if it contains links (as many of my notes do) it converts it every single time... worse yet, i have to tell it to reconvert it back into a link, whereupon it loses the display text and only retains the URL. Seriously evernote stop trying to show off your idiotic features if you don't understand your users.... or actually to be honest just humans in general. This is shaping up to a really terrible product.

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On 4/3/2021 at 5:35 PM, skirsch said:

Converting hyperlinks to embedded video frames by default is a horrible idea, I agree. No way to turn it off is extremely annoying.

It's not just annoying, this can be a security issue, since the creation of that embedded content can also result in external code from the embedded page being run upon opening/viewing a note. Making the behavior controllable by an option/preference flag would be the ideal solution. This way, users who like this feature can have it, and those of us who don't like this behavior can disable it.

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