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PDF view default back to 'All Pages'

hoot hoot

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Just upgraded on the Mac and all of my PDF attachments with multiple pages are now defaulted to single pages with arrow buttons for navigation. The prior default was for multiple page PDFs to scroll. The new 'Single Page' navigation is not at all desirable for me. I see the PDFs can be manually set to revert to 'All Pages' view but this per note manual operation is not a feasible way to change all of my notes. Is there a way to change the default back to Evernote's prior behavior?

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It's really inconvenient to have to click through every page of the long PDFs that I use! I It should be the default that we see all pages and can continuously scroll. I just figured out that you can view "All Pages" of a PDF by right-clicking in the body of the pdf itself and choosing "All Pages." This new version of Evernote has many desirable features but a lot is not user friendly/ desireable... 

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