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Why is Support not responding to my questions?



I upgraded to Premium for the supposed "Priority Support"

I've posted several urgent questions but have received no replies. I realize covid might be slowing this down, but one of them 6 day old and still nothing.

Anybody know what's going on?  This is very frustrating.

Thanks - Richard

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Support currently is inundated and works down a queue.

To help with your tickets you can do this - from my experience with support, not from internal knowledge:

Use a clear description of your issue, and mark it URGENT or something like this if you need a fast reaction.

There will be an automatic response mail, with links to support documents that an AI has picked. Check them (sometimes they really answer to your problem). If not, send a reply to this first mail, clearly saying that NO, this did not work and you need SUPPORT.

It will still take a little, but it may help to get a faster response. Don’t use it for general feedback or normal issues, others are waiting as well.

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Yea premium user for years now and I get this:

Hi there, 

My name is Brittany, and I manage the support team here at Evernote. I wanted to let you know we are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests. The average wait time for a response is currently 10-12+ days. Please know we're doing our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Since new the evernote everything went to hell. Syncing issues on my mac and windows computers. And now I can't even export my note to get the hell away from evernote. Pissed off customer now, been a user since evernote started.

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Have you installed one of the legacy clients ? Makes export easier.

With support: Yes, pretty blown away. Probably not a „great place to work“ at the moment.

What I do: 

One issue, one ticket

If I really need help, I put it into the title (like URGENT as 1st word).

When the mail with the automatic response is received, I check the AI-proposals. If they don’t match, I send an e-mail back that NO, and that I need  support.

Don‘t know whether it helps to move the ticket up in the queue a little.

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