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Web Clipper Error Safari when attempting to clip PDF webpage -EDAM/ENML_VALIDATION Element type "embed" must be declared.

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On 10/29/2020 at 2:48 AM, rob24hrs said:

Evernote 10 on MacBook .....



Trying to use Web clipper in Safari to clip a webpage consisting of a PDF generates below error.


Clipping normal HTML pages works ok.

Work around is to print to Evernote ( as PDF)

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I am getting this frequently and was hoping to find an answer here.

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Yes, I also have the same problem. It hasn't been resolved with the new update. I guess Evernote is fighting so many fires currently. Surely there must be thousands of people with the same problem? But so little response...

I'm just saving the pdfs on to my desktop then dragging them on to a new note.  Really struggling with a myriad of Evernote problems at the moment. 

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