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Behind-the-scenes Video on QA process?

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Dear @Ian Small, we didn't got to see a video of the Behind the Scenes series since a while. Now that EN 10 is out in the wild and interrupting many users' processes, would it be possible to get a glimpse on what your UX and QA processes look like? Here are some of the questions I would be interested to get an answer on:

  • What kind of UX methods have you used previous to building EN 10 in order to get to know what users need and how they are using the application?
  • What does testing look like? Do you have automated regression tests in place for every feature written in the new codebase? Or are you still mainly relying on manual testing?
  • How does EN ensure that beta feedback (especially regarding critical bugs!) is being taken care of BEFORE a new version is being released to everyone?
  • What is EN's contigency plan handling the mess the new major version has created?

I guess there will be more questions coming to my (and maybe other users') mind the longer we are waiting on stable versions that can actually be used. I am aware that on Desktop I could still stick to the Legacy version, but I cannot roll back on iOS. I would love to see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe a glimmer of hope, that EN is releasing further versions without making large parts of the software unusable.

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