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My entire business account has disappeared after the last update

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When the update finished I put in my email address for my accounts, it said I can't use the same email address for my business account and that the system could create a new one for me. I've never used 2 emails and have always toggled between the business and personal accounts. I said yes and now I don't have access to the business account, its disappeared. I sent an email for support 4 days and have heard nothing. Also there's no customer service at all now for Evernote? No chat?

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No toggling any more. Any business account is an account for itself, belonging to the company, managed by an admin. The personal account is a Personal Premium Account, belonging and managed by the person who happen to be employed by the company that hold the business account.

Between the two, there is a „Chinese wall“ that separates Business data (belonging to the company) from personal data (belonging to an individual). If the person leaves the company, the business data stays, and the personal data leaves with the former employee.

Under data protection, privacy and compliance perspectives this is the correct way to handle data in an business environment.

If you need support, try to issue a support ticket. Or @Shane D. can help you to find your business data.

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