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Hating the new IOS version

Alvin C


* PLEASE do not change users' title in the forum and I am not unhappy. I just can't accept the big buggy update. I am happy because I have left Evernote for much better note-taking app!

Evernote needs to improve as much as possible but not spends time editing posts.

I used to be impressed with the big update, but after using three days, I can absolutely I can't really accept it!

On v8.0 I didn't find it unusable although there were so many bugs. On v10.0, I regretted updated it.

One of the disastrous examples is the sync problem. On my three devices at the same time, with "Date Updated" view I can get different notes. Note that there are duplicate notes on MacOS I wasn't notified.

I tried to refresh by scrolling down and nothing works, unless I forced quitting iOS/iPadOS apps.

As your blog article said, "The company’s Beta Program incorporated nearly 150,000 users representing nearly every country in the world, with feedback collected through surveys, forums, Apple TestFlight, Google Play, and extensive user testing."

So why 150,000 users can't find those bugs which are critical to the basic function?

"An improved, reliable foundation. By rebuilding “under the hood,” the new Evernote features a smooth, automated sync; provides peace of mind with automated app updates; and will allow for more rapid feature development." Do you think you have already done it, or are moving in an opposite direction?

I am not the only one to complain it. You can find these comments here and also on Twitter.

I expect under this circumstance, the company will roll out v10.0.1 and even v10.0.2 in these few days. However, nothing has done yet.

Should I say Evernote should allow users to use v8.24.6 again, until v10.0 is much better?



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32 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

You can open Apple Notes in every browser via iCloud.com. This gives access to all notes that are synced.

Notes has an option as well to keep notes just on one device, which is the equivalent to local notebooks (RIP) in EN.

Yes, I know I can see my notes via iCloud.com. But the editing features in the browser are very limited and not sufficient for me.

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OMG you have to go through an extra step to get to your starred notes, the checkboxes look different when you’re in IOS compared to android (and one of the advantages of Evernote was its crossplatform usability), and it’s so slow I want to stab myself with a sharpened pencil. I hate having to learn totally new ways (and longer) ways of doing things such as uploading an Internet snip to a particular Notebook or moving Notes between Notebooks. Please for the love of god restore the old version.

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I do wonder if Evernote really look at how their users actually use the product in real-life situations. Sure they can see that certain features are key for certain types of user.

Now I have retired from the IT industry I don't need quite so many features, but rely on the screen clipping functionality aside from the web clipper. Indeed there are many web pages you can't clip with Web Clipper, such as certain banking sites, but the desktop clipper would do the job.

After many years of use it does look like it's time to look for an alternative.

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I have been an Evernote user (premium)  for more that 7 years now, but I am struggling more and more with every new version. The latest one makes me really consider to change for another platform. It is slow, full of unnecessary things while basic ones do not work properly anymore...with the latest version Evernote has lost the very essence of its existence...for me.

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