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Article sharing: Evernote 10’s user interface renewal is shockingly bad

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Evernote 10’s user interface renewal is shockingly bad

As the new Evernote released, more and more people raise their concern and problems about the application. The whole UI and workflow is better while the details like more steps and buggy issues almost destroy its usefulness. An app should be like a kind of craftsmanship which has to be carefully taken care of, as it is the only way to provide full services for users. Yes, software is free, but if it's quality is bad, users cannot get what they want/what the company promises to provide after paying their membership.

The long term ignorance and denial of the company kills all.

The interface issues raised the article above is worth noticing while it's been suggested by a few users.

I would like to refer to the author about the question of beta testing. I can confirm that it's Evernote ignores users' reports. He (or she) said,


Or test users did complain, but Evernote management decides to ignore them for the sake of a bigger purpose. What can this bigger purpose be? If you happen to know it, please let me know by submitting a comment to this article. I’d love to hear it.

Plus I wanna share the following two articles which seems not relevant to Evernote but it's important to make a great app. We are having great devices but we still face a lot of buggy issues wasting so much time.

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"...It took a few minutes for me to figure out that the user has to hover the cursor over the star icon, and wait for a second, to see the list of shortcuts..."

Or your mac computer is extremely slow, or you have another evernote version, but at my windows system I see immediately the list of shortcuts.

So, I like this behaviour, one click less as you prefer yourself in the rest of the article

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I just signed on to say goodbye. For now and maybe forever. I'm so disappointed with the latest upgrade that fouled up the most basic value of Evernote to me, reliable multi-device synchronization, that I have to go back to Google Docs for my journal and other writing needs. Sad, but I can't afford to lose more original work.

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