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Sketch crashes when attempting save and exit the sketch (using iPad Pro+Apple Pencil) Evernote iOS v10.0.4

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When I attempt to save and exit from a sketch within an Evernote the Evenrnote iOS v10.0.4 frequently (about 1 time in 3) appears to show "spinning wheel" and locks up. I am using Evernote as I always have to take notes in a meeting.

Sometimes I get the sketch back when I restart the app, but most times all my work is lost.

Can you please improve the stability of this new version of Evernote for handwritten material? It is still UNUSABLE. 

(I have turned off Apple Scribble in iOS System settings to make interface work more smoothly.)

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Mostly other users here. I can offer to write some code, but my coding time was roughly 30 years ago. So not much help ...

My only proposal is to save the sketches to the note, and exit the note frequently in between, to make sure something is saved and synced. This will keep the size of new chunks of data in memory is small, and limit data loss.

C‘me on, no problem, most meetings are boring anyhow. Instead of playing bullshit bingo, let’s compete in saving EN sketches every minute (sarcasm mode off).

For handwritten note taking, I use GoodNotes 5 instead of EN.

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7 hours ago, Gaitskell said:

Sometimes I get the sketch back when I restart the app, but most times all my work is lost.

Encountered exactly the same issue: my meeting notes, 2h, gone... Contacted support without any feedback.

Dropped Evernote on iOS and replaced it by Noteshelf (had Evernote sync).

And on macOS I've installed the legacy version (speed, CMD-J, drag-and-drop, macOS integration, ...; a much much more productive tool).

Terrible, terrible release strategy :( (and yes, I was a beta tester but totally surprised they suddenly released all clients...). 


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When will Sketch bug be fixed.    the new version is totally unusable as it doesnt reliably save sketches.   How can you have release a version which is so bad?

Everytime I try to save a sketch it just keeps spinning on save....


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Has this issue been fixed?

To clarify the problem:

When I edit a note in sketch using apple pencil it will save and then at a certain point will no longer save and instead spin forever.  

When I restart it it will offer to recover lost data - but again it spins.

This problem prevent me from using Evernote - which I had been happily using since 2012.




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Oh well...... no meaningful responses here, and no progress on fixing the bug whereby Sketch handwritten notes hang when you try to save them.

I've switched all my notes from Evernote over to Notability.  It took me a few hours but I can now write notes with my Apple Pen safe in the knowledge that they will be saved.

In order to export my Evernote notes -  I just printed them as .pdf and dragged them into Notability.

So long Evernote.  Much as I love the Evernote app, it has been allowed to go off the rails big time.  Also the company has not invested in resourcing customer service to a level appropriate for a subscription business.  People who pay annual premium subscription deserve attentive customer service, and the removal of showstopper bugs within a reasonable timeframe. 

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Sorry, first we are on EN iOS 10.3 meanwhile, second I never had that problem, third it still applies what I wrote in my post above.

So good luck with notion, but don’t blame others for your own decision. Nobody pushed you out of anything, you are leaving because you want to leave. Which is perfectly ok, because you have to put your focus (and your money) to whatever suits you best. EN was and is no prime app for handwritten stuff, so better not to try living with a second notch solution, if this is Important for your use case.

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Still a very frustrating issue.  Hours of hand written notes are lost through these crashes!  I used to love using Evernote, and have been a loyal user since 2008, but these recent crashes are really putting me off EN.  I'm sure this must be a painpoint for most users.  Please fix this issue quickly, otherwise, I'll take my premium subscription elsewhere. 

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On which version of iOS are you currently ?

Ever did. a complete (!) reinstall ? 

Try a complete un- / reinstall: Uninstall the app, dump all data, switch the i-device completely off, switch it on again (Apple logo must show), install the app from the AppStore, log in, let it sync completely. If this still does not do the job, you could try the same, with a forced restart (how to depends on the device you have, see Apple support https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/force-restart-iphone-iph8903c3ee6/ios ).

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