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Official Statement from Evernote needed

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Hello Evernote. I, like most here, am an avid user of Evernote.  I have been using it since 2011 without any problems.

Enter version 10.0 (IOS, Windows, MAC) - Now my world is upside down.  While I have been patient as I understand a re-write from the ground up is no simple task, I have to ask, why, even after such a disaster with IOS, would you punch out the Windows and MAC versions with so many problems?  Kinda seems like a suicide mission.  Clearly these updates carry with them devastating results and I am at a loss as to why you would further this problem by releasing a known problematic product.

So then, my question: Where can I monitor progress on these issues?  Without "Knowing" what's going on, you are forcing my hand and making me look to your competitors.  Not that I want to make a change, but this not knowing isn't cutting it.  It would be useful if you would issue a weekly update (Statement) on issues to keep us in the loop.

PLEASE, communicate where you are with stability and what your timeline and actions are to resolve these issues.  Not sure if I can wait much longer in the dark.  Perhaps knowing what you are doing about it may give me (us) some reason to wait it out?  The only reason I still use your product is because I have not updated my Windows or MAC computers which allows me to continue using it.

I appreciate your earliest response.

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Very disappointed with Evernote. After some 18 months of development, working from scratch they still managed to release in public, a broken, buggy, laggy, piece of software with features missing in a new version of program that is now what 10 years in development. Before this release all the previous releases for years were buggy mess, broken and dangers to your data. No matter the feedback, no matter the complaint, no matter the subscribers Ever note team is just unwilling and unable to release a fully functioning product. They are incompetent and irresponsible. Just read these forums, for years one horror story after another. How is that even possible?

This company still demands monthly payment for pre-alpha builds release to the public, where we the users act as testers. Its unacceptable. I agree Official Statement from Evernote needed and they need to fire most of their team and get someone who can write a code and not break the application with every release. Its not one time, or sometimes, its every damn time. How is that even possible?


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I don't mind they make mistakes, but do mind how they deal with it and whether they are willing to learn from it. Usually a company at least has official saying in this case, but after more than a month Evernote has not said and promised anything yet.

They updated iOS version for four times (v10.0.1 to 10.0.4) but no further actions for more than two weeks. They updated Mac/Windows but stopped at v10.1.7. The latest action was to further limit number of devices for free users including counting against web version.

The customer support also stops replying to me as well.

I don't know what situation the company is in. It seems everything fails to operate now except security issues like compromise, not being able to log in through Apple ID, losing notes etc.

Beware of more shocking things do happen, and I am worried they can shut down this forum suddenly.

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