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(Archived) Bulk Tag Removal - Feature Request



Hi to the folks at EN.

Just hoping there is scope to have a bulk tag removal functionality.

Every year or so, I am finding better ways to reorganise my tagging system, and need to re-allocate tags, including bulk removal. Also, there are times when I need to move a group of notes that are related to a given project, to another tag, from an existing one, such as completed project items (i.e. changing their status from 'active' to 'complete'). This also requires the bulk removal of tags.

Perhaps it could work in this format (on the mac at least):

Use saved search or select single/multiple tags in the tag column.

Then select all the notes that are generated.

Right-click to bring up the context menu that allows any/all of the included tags to be removed from the selected notes. (Perhaps a flyout that allows individual tags to be deselected.

Alternatively, perhaps there could be a column/s in the notes window showing each of the tags for each note with a checkbox that can be deselected, or when ALL notes (after the above tag grouping is done) are selected, deselecting one of the tag checkboxes could automatically deselect all of the same tag in the selected group.



Keep up the great work!

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