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Multiple Bug Issues with New Upgrade and No Response to Contact for Tech Support

Sam W.


Is there another way to contact Evernote since the Chat function is not working for Premium Members? I've submitted 2 tickets via email for technical issues related to the recent upgrade. The current ticket number is: # 3191985   The program on my phone and desktop is duplicating notes automatically when I don't want it to, and I am unable to print notes because it's cutting off any content past page 2. This happens even when I export a note as a PDF or open it in preview. It's as if the print function is not reading content past page 1. It will print half a line from page 2 but that's it and nothing else beyond it (see attached screen shot of what I see when I open up the note in Preview).  What is the deal? The print menu also doesn't show how many pages the note is for printing nor does it give a preview as it did in the past. Why is that?  I use Evernote regularly as a writer and have loved it to this point. Not happy now, and not happy I can't reach any support as a premium member. Will be moving elsewhere soon if I can't get issues addressed or reach anyone... 


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I have lost a lot of notebooks.  It freezes up when I try to contact them and there is no number to call.  I would just export my files to another program but there are thousands of them and I don’t know what to switch to.  I’ve been a premium user for years but this has done it for me.  As soon as I can figure out how to get my notebooks back, if possible, and transfer files to another program, I am out.  This is not the way to treat loyal customers.  

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I keep giving feedback because I can't write new notes, edit old ones or even see what is in them . I am a long time user and subscriber but there is no recourse. NO HELP. I am going to take all my notes and  go to another app because there is not way to get assistance. 

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