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Lost it all? I missed the email that my card expired

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Good morning,

I logged into evernote this am through my desktop app and there's not a business link (I used to be able to switch back and fro between business and personal).  I dug through my email and now noticed that there was something that said my credit card needed to be updated.  My aggressive SPAM filter ate it though.  Is there anyway for me to get it back?   I have soooo much stuff in Evernote..


Jason C Braatz


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Hi.  Evernote changed the Business account to separate personal and business notes.  You should be able to find the background here > https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us

You need to contact Customer Services to get reconnected though if you had a billing issue.  Contact Support and post your ticket number back here - I'll flag the post for an admin to take a look at when they can.

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