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newest version 10.1. 7 on windows 10 doesn't work at all anymore

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1. the snippets show in the program but when I click on any one of them the right pane is completely empty white space. 

2. I can no longer clip anything at all.

3. There used to be preferences we could setup under the "tools" button


then you would have on the left side 






Shortcut Keys






What the bleep happened to this in this new version? 

This program is unusable. 


4. Please give me a link to last known good version that worked for me is so I can reinstall.

5. How do I backup all my notebooks off one computer and import them into another that has the fresh install of older version? This computer has windows 7 on it.


6. I have the above version installed on another computer so the copied backups are coming from windows 7 to a computer with windows 10 on it. 





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For the problem 1, I faced it twice, each time after not using EN for a couple of days on an sleep laptop (week-end).  To resolve this, I had to kill all the evernote running process running and restart evernote.

To install the legacy version in parallel to EN 10, please refer to this thread: 


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The computer this is happening on is not in sleep mode. It just simply stopped working. I have spent all night on this trying various simple things. 

I never said I wanted to run anything parallel to this. I just simply want the older version and get this one that doesn't work off of my computer. 

I have no idea what legacy version is. Can someone please supply a link for the version I quoted in the original post? 



Can someone please address all the questions in the post because its all related to this issue?



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I have this issue often - not daily but often enough. The solution is to QUIT Evernote (either File | Quit Evernote) or right click on the system tray icon and choose Quit Evernote. Then restart the program and the missing content will be displayed again. I wish I had the power to merge the few threads that raise this to combine the evidence of the problem. It dates back to previous Beta releases.

Frustratingly I cannot find a consistent trigger to offer steps to reproduce.

As for reverting to the previous version...

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1 hour ago, panhead48 said:

Yes, I have been doing exactly that in order to shut it down each time.

As I said before I don't want the legacy app. I want a regular version of evernote like I had.

Can I please have an installer for the version?

I believe the legacy app is just a rebadged version of If you want the original you may find that it is still on your computer you just need to find the executable and make a new shorcut for it. Mine is in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Apps\Evernote\Evernote. Another alternative would to find the instalation file in your downloads folder.

If you really can't find it a Google search will locate various unofficial versions on the internet but obviously use at your own risk.

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I have to admit that I'm quite disappointed to sign Evernote premium account...

How can I change the f**** language? it's in Portuguese just because of my location and why the hell CAN'T I change that?

I work creating content in English, I need to be corrected in English, not in Portuguese.


Also, why can't I change the interface in a easyway? to the classic mode for example...


Looking forward for response from Evernote team...


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2 hours ago, Mike P said:

That was the link I remembered from an earlier post but couldn't find. Presumably it is no more official than any of the other file repositories on the internet and should be treated with caution?

Like pretty much everything on the internet, use at your own risk.  That said, I've seen the site mentioned here numerous times and no reports of problems.

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