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Searching and Annotating PDFs in Evernote

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Up until recently it was possible to open a pdf within in a note, search it and then annotate the text found by the search.  In the new version of Evernote it is not possible, as far as I can tell, to search a PDF within Evernote anyone and then jump into annotation mode.  Am I missing anything?  It took awhile to work out how to annotate a pdf in the new interface,  I would not be surprise if the functionality I am after has been berried as well.   



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I can (usually) get into Annotation mode on Evernote for iOS 10.1 by opening the note and tapping the Edit button , but actually annotating PDFs seems to be mostly broken.  Ever since v10, problems abound.  I pay for Evernote Premium despite having OneNote as part of my O365 subscription because Evernote is (has been in the past) a superior product.  If these issues continue much longer, I will have to abandon Evernote for good.  I really don't want to do that.

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