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Evernote Database is being corrupted by both Legacy and New

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I have used Evernote since it inception. (I am also a retired programmer with 41 years of experience.) Evernote Legacy and Evernote 10 are modifying databases for notes. Evernote 10 is not reading notes properly nor accessing sharing permissions properly. Sharing notebooks (for Premium Users) is so convoluted, notes are being lost, locked, and un-movable. Evernote 10 is corrupting its local database so much that eventually notes cannot display within version 10.1.7-1902. I have to uninstall Evernote, shut down my computer. Install a Legacy version, run it. Uninstall. Install new version (10) and then I can read notes again. But now my notes within shared notebooks (for which I am creator and owner of said notes and notebooks) are locked to me.

Why is Evernote important to me now? I was hit by a vehicle in 2012 and suffered permanent body and brain damage. I rely on Evernote for my short-term memory loss and my in-home caregiving 24/7. Evernote has made my caregiving needs a living-cluster-beep. I warned Evernote when they released a Beta version recently. I warned them of massive issues. In less than 24 hrs of the beta release, Evernote released 10.1.7 and all hades broke loose.

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Hi.  The forum here is -mainly- supported by equally frustrated users,  so we share your stress - but don't have access to any answers.  I'd suggest it's worth contacting Support,  although I'd imagine they're pretty busy at present...  but as a continuing Legacy user (actually I never got that far,  I'm still on the old public version 6.25) any suggestion of corrupted databases makes me very nervous.  I'll flag your post for an admin too - they may be able to help reconnect you to your shared notebooks.  For any other issues - might Note History help?  You can step back any note to a previous state....

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I have contacted Evernote Support multiple times and they have no response. It used to be that Premium Subscribers had access to support. I was able to revert both Mac and Windows to Legacy Versions. It took hours because Evernote 10.1.7 is quite persistent even after uninstall.

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Support is inundated, so they work down a queue.

They get a lot of stuff about missing features, and probably some complex tickets. If posting a support ticket, make it very narrow and specific, and make sure it is clear in the title you need immediate assistance. Answer to the first automatic responses with NO, because if not the system may think you found the answer in the AI selected help articles. This will probably lower your priority and extend the wait.

Turnaround time at the moment was appr. 2-3 working days, taken from my last tickets.

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My Win 10 local data seems to be intact. I have not synced data or added any new notes to cause a sync.

I have synced my android devices and both exhibit same data corruption - part way down the list of notes, multiple copies of a note appear, perhaps a hundred copies. Then at the end, the last few notes appear.

The same duplicated note shows up on both Android devices, which leads me to think tghe on-line data has been corrupted.

Is there a way to replace the on-line data with my win 10 local data which seems to be OK?

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