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No Justify text option?



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The "why" is not relevant, it is gone, as many other functions. Probably did not make it to the list.

The relevant question is whether they will add it in a future release, or they dumped it for good. You can vote for this Feature by clicking on an up arrow.

Or use the EN client, in the left column there is a "Send Feedback" button now.

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On 10/27/2020 at 12:20 AM, as0317b said:

My version of Evernote just updated, but the Justify text option is gone-- I only see left align, right align and center. Why has this disappeared??

I'm missing this too!

They've also removed other text formatting options/features. See link below: 



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It was sooooo important that between January 4th and now, nobody else posted here.

The new editor is pretty basic in some aspects, more advanced as before in others. It is quite a unique mix. In general if you need advanced formatting, I would use a word processor or page layout program, and place the files as attachments into the notes.

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