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Keyboard Shortcut Issues When Using Dvorak

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I have a bug report for Evernote for Mac v 10.0.10 build 1838 public. On my Mac, I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. In this keyboard layout, the physical N key types the letter B. In Evernote, I want to make some text bold. I highlight it and press Command-B (which in the Dvorak layout is Command-N). The text turns bold *and* Evernote creates a new note, as if I had typed Command-N. It shouldn't do that - it should only bold the highlighted text. Note that Evernote web editor behaves properly - it only bolds the text, it doesn't create a new note - and every other text editor also does the right thing - they only bold the text.
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I type using the Dvorak keyboard layout. When I try to use keyboard shortcuts in Evernote, they are often either missing or overlapping.

For example, when I hit "Ctrl + B" in the DVORAK layout (B in Dvorak is where N is in Qwerty) to turn on bolded text, it turns on bolded text AND creates a new note. When I hit "Ctrl + I" to to turn on italic text, nothing happens. Same with underline, but strikethrough works. Other hotkeys like copy, cut, paste, undo, work correctly.

I'm currently using Evernote version 10.1.7, which I believe is the most recent version.


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Hi there! I don't understand why this is marked Solved. It still occurs in Mac version:

v 10.3.7 build 2018 public
Editor: v111.0.14414
Service: v1.22.6
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Pressing Command-B to bold text is super-common - I do it like 50 times a day. Or, I should say, I used to - now I'm just annoyed every time I press Command-B and it creates a new note.

When do you plan to fix this?

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This is an issue related to the missing app settings in EN Win v10.

You will notice it is solved when they release a version that has settings, hopefully for the keyboard as well. Sometimes they tell a little about the next release when they inform about the current one, here in the forum.

More forward guidance did not take place up to now.

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