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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: When I apply a child-tag, also apply parent

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Could we get the option to turn this on? Or maybe if I option-drag a child-tag onto a note it'll auto-tag it with the parent as well?

Here's my use-case:

As a teacher, I have a tag for each block of students I have and I also have tags for each student. The student tags are children of the blocks. So, I have students in a block of periods 5 and 6. The parent tag is "56" and the student is (for example) "Johnny A". I'd like to be able to drag "Johnny A" onto a note and have it also apply "56" to it. I do the same thing with projects. I have a parent tag "writing" with children tags "quality paragraph" and "interpretive essay".

I use these tags to quickly pull out groups of students who need help on certain skills. So I'll search for tag:56 tag:"quality paragraph" tag:beginning. Then I've filtered the students who are at the beginning level on that project in that class.

Maybe it could be an option to turn on in the preferences "Apply parent tags when applying children tags" or something like that.

Just an idea.

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