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(Archived) Inserting items on a page - any plans for improvement?

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Are there any plans to improve the process of inserting items into a note? Something along the lines of OneNote where basically any object - be it text, a file, a picture, a recording, handwriting, whatever, exists independently, and can be moved anywhere on the page with few, if any formatting restrictions? I use OneNote primarily for work, and have been trying to use Evernote for personal stuff for years, but once you get used to the concept of a 'blank canvas' in OneNote, Evernote's method of treating a note more like a Word document (with actually fewer formatting options than even Word) is extremely limiting, and frustrates me almost every time I use it. Evernote has plenty to offer over OneNote, but this has been one of my major impediments to adoption.

This would be a huge improvement. Anyone else feel the same? Am I missing something about how Evernote works?

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