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Unable to share to Evernote highlights from Books app in Ipad

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I recently updated my ipad to IOS 14.01.1 and since then I'm unable to share to my Evernote any paragraph I highlight in my Ipad BOOKS app.  when I click 'share 'after highlighting a paragraph in Books, it doesn’t give me the option to share it in Evernote. When I click the tree dots on the right to open all the apps I can share in, still it doesn’t give me the option to share it in Evernote, as shown in the attachment.


I was able to share my notes from Books in Evernote with no problem before I updated to the new IOS version and to the new Evernote version. How can I add Evernote to the apps that I can share hihglighted notes in Books? 


Thank you very much,






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