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Text color palette changed for V10 = big problem for me.



Good evening,

 I just did the major update to V8.?  to V10.0.4
 Lots of great things but I have a big problem.

 The palette of colors that can be selected to color the text have changed.
 From the dark theme, I adapted it to this little palette by making sense of each color.
 Every week I convert and update as many old notes as possible.  I have thousands of them.  My notes are constantly rectified, modified and I add new information.
 So :
 - Now I have notes that I can no longer modify because I no longer understand anything in the colors code and I have to edit the entire note otherwise I no longer understand anything in the color codes and it looks very ugly and not at all readable but editing would take me a long time.   If I try to match the colors to the closest I will have to update all my notes, which is impossible.
 - The new colors are all bland except green.
 - Light gray is so close to white that you don't notice a difference in the text.
 - Dark gray is so dark that text is unreadable on the dark theme background.

 Please give me the old colors or allow this palette to be personalized!

 It's a dead end for me.  I do not know how to deal with this anymore.  I use Evernote all day.

 ( sorry for my poor English)


Here old and new color palette :



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The new app V10 is multiOS / multi-device. One aspect of this is that the editor has the same set of features now independently from the device you are working on. To achieve this, some restrictions were applied. One is that fonts can’t be selected as before - because there are different fonts on a PC vs. a Mac vs. an iOS device vs. an Android. You now select „SansSerif“, and it will look the same in EN on all devices.

Same with colors: One palette, one set of functions. In this respect the new editor is better than the old one, because it has multicolored text marker in addition to font colors. That colors still may appear slightly different on a phone‘s scree than on a PC monitor has to do with different screen technologies (mostly OLED on newer phones vs. LCD on monitors).

To avoid notes to look different on different devices was one BIG issue here in the forum, requested by many users. Same with „give me more colors for the text marker“. Well, one can’t say EN didn’t listen and failed to deliver - here it is ...

Personally I doubt they will change this, they just released. Furthermore I think your use case is quite special. If you want to bring it to the attention of EN, try issue a support ticket. Maybe you can tweak your screen settings a little to improve readability.

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Thank you for the reply.

I understand well, but how do I edit my notes?  I change all the colors each time for all the colored words in each text?  
And in 2 years they still change the color palette?  


And dark gray is really unreadable on black.  I doubt that flashy green will appear the same on all screens.  

My God, why not allow the color customization?  Even on a very small gamut.


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I am having a similar problem. I also keep thousands of notes and a huge part of my organization is the internal links system -- I have the link color coded so I know at a glance to where they go or what they pertain to, since often times titles alone aren't good enough. Now the colors I use for that are completely removed and I can't update new ones to match and I do not have the time to go through 3,000 some odd notes to track down and change my whole system. I tried to keep things simple in the past and only used the color pencil themed color selector to try to keep things consistent. It was what 20 colors? At most? surely that isn't too much to ask for. This issue is so serve for me that I cannot work in EN like this. I will either have to find a way to downgrade to a previous version or (I shudder at the thought) move platforms. I hate OneNote but if I can't use colored text outside these specific 8 colors I can't stay on EN - it's a deal breaker.

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I too am deeply deeply disappointed with this.

For someone with ADD who relies heavily on color coding in note-taking this is a massive disappointment. Especially as many of these new limited colors do not pop at all off white or black backgrounds and are too close to each-other on the spectrum to appear distinctly different. 

I have hundreds of documents with a customized color coding system and they are all now apparently obsolete??? They all have to be altered by hand now to a new system that is subpar!?!?! That's insane.

To alter Evernote's standard colors and limit customization seems like a huge nuisance and a massive feature removal rather than a streamlining. 

This throws a wrench in many people's meticulously constructed organization systems.

- JJ

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I wanted to chime in here that if I'd known of the color palette change, I also would have avoided updating. I used the pencil colors to avoid too many custom colors; that said, I need more variation in the colors for organization system. 

FWIW, it seems that on a Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) in light mode, the old colors still show up. However, they do not in dark mode. I can copy and paste the old colors too. So, for anyone who is on a Mac and trying to be able to see their old color scheme, try switching to light mode. 

However, this will get supremely annoying when it comes to creating new notes. I don't want to have to go into an older note to copy text with the font color I want just to use that color! 

Please please please bring back the pencil case of colors. Please.

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I use Evernote for two features: audio recordings and multi-color font options. These geniuses removed both functionalities in this supposed "upgrade" smh (limited new color options are all unusable imo). Why do platforms notoriously downgrade their product when they upgrade to new versions??? And when will software companies start listening to their users?

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I wish I had seen this issue before I upgraded to new v10. I was really excited about being able to turn off Spell check but didn't know all my colors options were going away. I'm a software dev and love being able to use various colors to better organize my notes or color code code snippets - similar to how an IDE uses diff colors schemes for diff parts of the code. The old colors were brighter, and I definitely used more colors than the new palette presents. Would love to see the colored pencil palette back. I'm happy to see EN trying to make notes look the same across all devices & platforms but would love to see them integrate the old palette options or make more options for future updates. Will probably have to go use legacy app and suffer spell check capitalizing all my variables and code statements. But that's more easily fixed than missing colors. 

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This is a huge restriction, I need many colours on a Mac to colour code my Text. The new set of 14 colours isn't enough. Seriously considering switching to another product.

Evernote take Note: A note app with restricted highlighting and font colours ???? Come on!

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Ugh..... Evernote, can I please go back to the legacy version? Every time you add (or return a feature!), you take something away - especially features that have been there since the beginning of time!  Why remove our ability to add custom colors? Why? We build our organization systems around the features you offer and then you remove them - and charge us more money! Ok...so, how do I go back to the legacy version?? 

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