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This is not syncing, this is downloading offline content. The initial sync takes place after first opening the App, and usually takes some seconds or a few minutes, depending on account size and internet speed. It only downloads some metadata and previews. Setting notebooks to „offline“ use means the full content will be downloaded, as in your case.

Although there is an option to „set all notebooks offline“, it is advised to do it one after the other for the initial download. When this is done, you can switch to „all notebooks offline“ to keep them downloaded and updated.

You can make sure it loads continuously by settings „autoscreen-off“ to „never“ in iOS settings, and put the device to a charger.

You can make the task easier by switching some notebooks to „not offline“. When doing so, you will be asked whether to keep or to delete data already downloaded. Choose „keep“ because it will make it easier later when you switch it back to „offline“. The saved content will be connected and not downloaded again. EN says one after the other, I felt it was running good with 2-3 notebooks in parallel, and slowed down when 4 or more loaded at the same time.

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Same here - update to Version 10 yesterday, today EN still shows "partial" completion.
What is EN trying to tell me here ?
Please fix.

Ah just realized: my notes are still not available offline, despite sync telling me "done".
How can I get my notes available offline ????????





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