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Format Painter

Zbynek Dalecky


Hello Evernoters! I often copy text to Evernote from different sources and then I always struggle with formating it to fit the "normal" text formatting of the note. So, I'd like to ask you to introduce the Format Painter tool = the "brush" you probably know from MS Word. Just select the text with the proper formatting, click on the Brush, and then select the wrongly formatted text to become properly formated. Could you please maket it? Would be very much appreciated! Thank you very much, zbynek dalecky

The brush.PNG

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A feature I use frequently in Apple and Microsoft applications is 'format paste'. This copies the format from one set of content to another. Please can this be available in Evernote applications.

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Since formatting option are very little in the new v10-clients, copy & paste for a certain formatting style simply makes no sense.

The EN editor is tuned to work independently from the platform on which the client is running. No font selection except the 6 preinstalled, reduced set of colors etc. Unless you reduce the origin to the same small set of options, EN can’t reproduce the style you paste.

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It's disappointing to see this important feature still being a problem after so many years.

It is an absolute pain to recreate formatting, when we should be able to simply copy formatting from one section of a note to another.

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