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non-breaking space issue with 10.x

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I recently found that evernote 10.x is using non-breaking space and it converts multiple leading spaces to non-breaking spaces(0xc2a0) so if I do copy & paste code snippets from evernote into terminal or text editor it almost always breaks the thing. Is there a way to disable this default behaviour so it can work like old version (ex. 7.14) ?

btw, as a workaround I rolled back my evernote to a legacy one so it doesn't break my codes.

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I've also found this problem - and a slow fix. I'm using the new Windows desktop app from the Microsoft App Store, v10.4.3.

To be clear on the problem I've found: In many of my old notes the spaces are actually "non-breaking spaces", unicode hex c2a0 and not the basic space, unicode hex 0020 (ASCII decimal 32). This means when I copy a line of code into a text file for execution it fails. I'm quite certain the original space was an ordinary one, not a non-breaking one.

A slow fix, which allows me to fix each note manually as I find it - in brief, search and replace the offending character in the note.

In detail:

  1. Highlight one of the offending non-breaking space characters.
  2. Copy it into the clipboard (Ctrl-C on Windows)
  3. Select the whole note (Ctrl-A on Windows)
  4. Open "search and replace" (Ctrl-H on Windows)
  5. In "Find in note" paste the non-breaking space in the clipboard.
  6. In "Replace with" type a single ordinary space.
  7. Click "Replace all"


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This is not working for me and I think the issue is with how I am highlighting and copying the non-breaking space?  I highlighted from the end of a line to the start of a new one, and pasted it in "Find in Note".  Then hit the space bar in "Replace with" but the Replace and Replace All buttons remained greyed out. 

Is there an option to turn a note into plain text?

I did find that if I created a code block from scratch and re-typed my code the formatting was ok.  However, if I copied and pasted the code from Evernote Note into a new code block, or converted existing code into a Code Block it did not solve the problem, the code still generated a syntax error when I tried to use it in my program editor (Oracle APEX)

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I also have the same problem.  I actually can't imagine this got through Evernote's testing.  How many thousands users of Evernote cut and paste stuff from their Evernote to a shell and do that every day.  Even Evernote employees must be doing that every day....and still here we are with this nasty defect.

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This really sucks. It made a huge mess of my code.

I also hate the new check boxes. When you check them it grays out the line and puts a line through the text. WTF.

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I find it interesting that we have a bunch of subscribers in this thread who all have full access to support.

Everybody agrees it sucks, none is reporting a contact with support and no one says what support told will happen, or maybe suggest as a workaround. Did nobody issue a ticket, or does everybody just forget to post it here ?

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I filed a ticket a year ago but response was very slow and they didn't understand the issue. Only suggestion was to upgrade the version which didn't solve the issue so I gave up and ended up starting using code block. Probably everyone needs to file a ticket referencing this thread .

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A year ago was with legacy or v10 beta, not with v10 public release.

It is good the ticket was filed, but it won’t help to get progress with v10. V10 has a completely rebuild code base, which means the game started at point „0“ on the first day of the release.

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