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(Archived) Export as Plain Text Files



Is there any way to export selected Evernote notes as plain text files?

I'm trying to move stuff to DevonThink because of the no-cloud option and want them to still be editable on my iPod Touch so I need plain text output. Most of my Evernote notes were originally plain text as they came from Palm OS.

I can deal with the few web page clippings and PDF files separately by hand but I'd love to be able to export the bulk of my notes easily and simply.

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What would be a really nice improvement to your script is a choice of saving the files in DT as plain text, rich text or web archive as appropriate. Maybe a selection after you select the notes to export?

Just a thought...

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As I release more scripts publicly, I'm finding that it's a fine balance between "too much" and "too little" user interaction... Often times when I put out a script, people write me to say "Can you remove the dialog box?" so that the script will work faster. Other people want the ability to customize things.

Ultimately, the strength of AppleScript is that anyone can customize things to taste. That's part of why I am pivoting towards a more "community-based code library" on my site. In about five minutes, a user could code a dialog box and share it with other people who want the same thing.

Let me know if you need any help getting started!

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(Replying to a 3 year old thread..)


I've written a PHP script that will take an ENEX export file as input and produce a folder full of plain text files as output.  Formatting and attachments are discarded.


It's called enex-dump and can be found here:




It does require a bit of technical expertise (command line) to use, but it's better than nothing, I hope.

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