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(Archived) Evernote for Android 2.0 Beta


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I want to start off by saying that this is the best version so far of Evernote for mobile in the near 2 years that I have been using Evernote.

However there are a few issues that I have found:

1. I have over 6000 notes and my notes have been syncing for over 14 hours and still not all of my notes are downloaded. It would be nice if I had access to my notes even though the full note did not download until I opened the note for the first time.

2. The small black box to show "More Notes" covers up part of my notes, it would be nice to hide/show this button from the menu. post-13802-131906067896_thumb.png

3. It would also be nice to zoom out even further than the 100% size of an image. I have a lot of high quality images that I have to pan around on since I can not zoom out far enough to see/read the entire note.

4. The thumbnails for my notes are not showing up, I just get a small loading wheel for each image. This could be related to fact that not all of my notes are downloaded yet. post-13802-131906067899_thumb.png

5. When I type in a tag to add to a note, it does not select that tag from the list of tags. It would be nice to see a list of suggested tags based on what I type in the tag box, right now the tag feature seems like two different systems that have been put together.

6. Clicking on the 'i' icon can take a while to load.

7. The 'i' icon looks like it is repeating in the x coordinates. post-13802-131906067899_thumb.png

8. The down arrow icon for choosing the notebook "display options" does not fit in the box properly. I have added a screenshot to show you. post-13802-131906067901_thumb.png

9. The "More Notes" button doesn't have any padding around the text, looks awkward/tight. post-13802-131906067896_thumb.png

10. Thumbnail images for Notebooks do not show up - post-13802-131906067904_thumb.png


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Thanks for all the great feedback. We'll keep improving the client.

Regarding the sync... the synchronization order is: account headers (tags, notebooks, note title, save searches), thumbnails then (if you're premium and selected any notebooks) note content and note resources.

We recommend that you perform the initial sync over wifi while having the phone plugged into a power source, especially with accounts of your size.

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