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Latest update not allowing me to write with apple pen on macpro

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On a MacPro you can't write with your Apple pencil.

Probably you mean your iPad Pro.

If you are on iOS 14, you now have the new "Scribble" feature, that will convert handwriting in all text fields automatically into typed text. This is an iOS function, not an EN function. I think it is pretty slick to have it, although currently it officially only works for English and Chinese. For other languages conversion rate is not as good.

Go to settings, apple pencil, scribble to turn it off. This will remove the feature completely, for all apps, so think about it. On the other hand, it is known that using the pencil in EN will improve significantly if scribble is off.

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Many Thanks for this. Yes I meant ipad pro.

I did that and it is now allowing me to scribble with the pen using sketch icon but it is still not friendly as before and when I m ready and press done it is taking too long to save showing “saving” and not saving anything!!

It freezes on saving and I have to switch off the ipad to get evernote working again losing all the note that I had just written  in the whole process. Something is wrong with saving the image.



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