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How to pin/always show the note list?

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The way I use Evernote is that I have the sidebar on the left, then the note list, then the note content. I believe most people use Evernote this way; Evernote's own screenshots of the program show it set up this way. This is also how most programs work when it comes to display hierarchical content; it makes the most sense.


Yet since Evernote 10, when I select a note that is in Shortcuts or Recent, the note list disappears!


It is extremely jarring: Evernote resizes the note content area as a result. As another side effect, I cannot quickly switch to another note that is in the same notebook; extra clicks are now needed. It makes it a chore to navigate from note to note. The program is also stupendously slow at redrawing, which makes these hiding/showing shenanigans even worse.

Is there a way to pin/always show the note list I am not aware of? It is how Evernote used to behave. But it's not just Evernote: it's pretty consistent behavior across products. Can you imagine if an email program hid the email pane every time you accessed a starred conversation? This is madness 🤪

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16 hours ago, Lax 90210 said:

Yet since Evernote 10, when I select a note that is in Shortcuts or Recent, the note list disappears!

Completely agree. This has been raised alsewhere. Certain actions lead to the loss of the note list with no easy way of getting it back. They tend to be some sort of shortcut to a single note. So as well as your examples clicking a goto suggestions within search also looses the notelist. Thakfully clicking an internal note link in a note doesn't display this behaviour. I can't decide whether it is a bug or by design (that's a bit of a feature of the new EN!). Given that there is no way to deliberately hide the note list I'm hoping it is a bug.

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