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moving note list panel to top



I just upgraded to version 10.1.7. I can't figure out how to move the note list panel from side to top. It used to work on previous version to specify you want note list on top. I prefer that type of navigation.

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I really prefer this view, too, as it allows you to see the full note title, sort notes easier by different criteria, and generally gives a wider note to work with.

I asked Evernote help and they told me this view has been removed from the features of V10. They said it *might* be added back in later, but no promises or timeline on when it might.

Argh! Yet another feature removed that I've come to rely on!

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Hi BigBug,


Thanks for the info. Not sure why they would remove this feature. I have BASIC subscription, so I guess this would be normal to chip away some functionality from BASIC version to entice users to upgrade to pay version. I am surprised that they have even removed the functionality on the PREMIUM subscription. So that theory does not seem to be the explanation.


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