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[Resolved] All notes lost with upgrade on mac

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Hello, the upgrade to the new version of evernote happened on my laptop last night and now I have lost ALL of my notes from the last 3.5 years. Using these forums I found suggested to log on to the web version and also to download the legacy version of the app, but my notes do no appear in either of these places either. There are no .enex files on my computer. I'm not sure if that's windows specific. Are there Mac specific instructions for restoring notes?? I'm *crying* - so much information lost!!!! 

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Most likely you have by accident created a new account. One typo in the user name, and instead of logging into your existing account you get a new, fresh and empty one. This is not due to updating, it is probably just a bad login.

Make sure you have the correct account credentials, and log in again.

P.S. And yes, it is always a good idea to run backups ...

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I'm facing the same issue after upgrading, all of my notes since 2018 (except for one from February 2018) have disappeared from my account. I've installed the legacy app, it looks the same as my desktop and the web server, all notes missing. I do have another account, which I checked and it has all of the notes but I really need to recover almost 3 years worth of notes on this account.

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I too have lost multiple notebooks after upgrading.  Some of these notebooks go back to 2014, and some notebooks contain irreplaceable documents.  This is 100% unacceptable.  I used to have confidence in Evernote to securely maintain documents.  Instead of improving an application, you have totally blown it up.  I shouldn't have to waste my time trying to resolve this issue.  

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I had this happen to me today on a demo account (basic tier of service). The notebook and stack structure is there, but the notes are completely gone. This is the first time I've logged into the account in v10 and the issue is present on both the web and my Mac on todays release of 10.6.9. My primary (premium) account is fine, as is another demo account I have (also premium). I don't consider this a resolved issue. Should I start a new thread since this one shows as resolved?

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