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Bring back Siri integration.



I used to have hundreds of notes I'd invoke by voice and now that isn't possible. This should have been in the release notes.

Does cross platform parity mean these OS specific features won't be coming back?

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I know it’s very frustrating. That and the long press to quickly add a note Is my biggest gripe. Siri integration should be a no brainer. I’m hoping it will be added quickly. I’m a productivity nut and always looking to cut down the steps needed to add a note. If anyone comes up with a workaround let me know. For now I’m planning on using Siri to create notes in iOS, then adding them into Evernote when I’m at my desk. Not optimal but at least I can Add a note when I’m on the go. 

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Personally I switched to „JustPressRecord“ for audio recording and transcription.

Works on Apple Watch, iOS devices and the Mac. What I like is that you can decide to keep the audio together with the transcript, or delete it and only keep the much smaller text file. It imports into EN by sharing.

Anyhow I hope EN brings audio back to it’s own app, and a Watch App as well. This would shorten my workflows around audio note taking. Especially the annihilation of the Watch App was a nasty surprise related to v10.

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Can you clarify the imports to EN by sharing?  There is no trial version for JustPressRecord and before I make the purchase I'd like to see the steps.  I know it would be an added step, but this may be the work around until the DEV finally brings back the Siri Integration.

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Open the app, press „record“. Can be on the iPhone, iPad or (best of all) the watch. Say what you have to say.

After a second the audio shows in the app. For the next steps use an iPhone or iPad, the watch alone will not do. You can now play it back, or directly hit the Text symbol to start the transcription. It replays and you can watch the letters grow.

Now hit share. You are offered to share the audio, the text, both or a video clip. Select what you like, then select EN from the app selection.

The EN iOS import window shows. It uses the first line of text as title. Choose notebook, apply tags, hit save.

When you open EN, the import starts, creating a new note. The note contains the transcript as text body, and a m4a-file with the audio. If you just pick text or audio, the other part will be missing.

Done. You can keep the audio files as well in JPR, or delete them there.

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