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Return Public Notebooks to v10

Stacey Harmon


I'm under the impression from tech support that pubic notebooks have been removed from v10:

"We made a decision to discontinue support for published personal notebooks, also known as public notebooks. We understand this is a feature you’ve been using and we're sorry for any changes to your workflow this may cause. Any public notebooks you currently have will continue to work with their public URL, but you are unable to create new public notebooks in the new Evernote apps."

Although I can understand that this feature removal is likely because your internal data shows that this is a feature not used by a big percentage of your user base, I would argue that it is the ECC community that is a predominant user of this feature. And, this is a significant way ECC's spread the word about Evernote and share information with the Evernote communities and customers that follow us. This is a huge handicap to how I increase adoption of Evernote (I share large groups of custom private templates, for example). I'm open to details from Evernote about other ways to accomplish what I use public notebooks to communicate to share with the world, but this feature removal creates a real problem for me and makes it difficult for me to onboard people to Evernote use cases that are sticky and create premium users.

I'm also under the impression that Legacy will continue to support public notebooks, but what does that mean? If I have a public notebook in Legacy, but the user is in v10, will they be able to save the notes to their account (my best guess is yes, but hoping someone from Evernote can give solid details here). 

Related to this – Evernote's the top capture tool on the market and is positioned to let users capture anything. And, as @Ian Small has said Evernote is moving towards supporting users to accomplish anything. It seems to me that we also need to be able to share everything. Reducing the ways we can share things (I see that emailing out of Evernote is also not an option in v10) seems like the wrong direction to me.

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You can see how a data based approach to product design creates all sort of nonsense:

Public Notebooks - You made the point !

Local Notebooks - Under European data protection legislation, and probably in the US if you are in the health sector, local notebooks are the only way to handle sensitive data and comply with the law. Not any longer ...

Scripting - It is not even on the list of features, but I doubt from my research into the Electron framework that it can be enabled (no other Electron app seem to support it, so probably it does not allow for it). With scripting the shortcuts on iOS were dumped as well. One of the shortcuts was the only good performing web clipper on iOS.

Legacy is an option, but only to stay productive „meanwhile“, not to build a business model on it.

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Yes please – such an important feature for power users and those seeking to evangelise / advocate the Evernote cause to prospects who need to see it and feel it for themselves before signing up.   It needs to be a feature on the new EN 10 as we cannot rely on using the legacy version into the future.  

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