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Fail search inside the note

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When I search inside the note typing the word in the searching box the corresponding text inside the note is highlighted, but in the searching bar show no results,as in this image below:


This makes it impossible to jump from one result to another.

This bug hapened to me also in the web version.


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1 hour ago, Nicksomename said:

This happened to me in a table format note with several links and files with 115 mb size. However in small notes I didn't face this problem.

Hopefully that will help the developers track down the problem. I haven't got any notes that big to try again to reproduce it.

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Yes, I've encountered this issue in my large note too (about 11mb).  Also this is a table format note with lots of pdf attachments. 

Another issue is I don't see any highlighting in the pdf attachments although the texts being searched are in them . This worries me a lot, as I used to search texts within pdf attachments frequently. If this can't work properly, then these pdf attachments are useless to me.

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I have encountered this problem long before version 10, in formatted information copied from the web (so probably containing HTML code), and yes, the notes were on the large side.

This led me to greatly curtail copying large amounts of fully formatted information from the internet, and instead copy plain text, or use the simplify clip option, otherwise EN would sometimes misbehave on me.


I tend to suspect the HTML code more than EN.

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