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Unplugging Offline-Download EN iOS 10

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A few days after downloading offline content (all notebooks to my iPad Pro, a selection to my iPhone 11 Pro Max) I noticed that new notes were not updated to the offline content. The green bar showed there is content not yet downloaded, but nothing moved for days. EN 10.0.4, iOS 14.

Here is how I got it downloading again:

  1. Go to the settings inside of the EN app, notebooks, offline content. 
  2. Switch the slider for the offline content to „OFF“. And now this is important: A dialogue box appears, asking whether to keep the content already downloaded, or to dump it. KEEP it !
  3. To be on the safe side, leave settings, and close the app. Reopen it.
  4. Go to settings again, notebooks, offline content, and switch the slider back to „ON“. Leave settings.
  5. After a while the download bar will appear again (visible when in that notebook, or in the settings, notebooks, offline), but it is all grey. Don’t bother - for the first part it will compare the local content with the server data, so progress is pretty fast. And at the end the missing notes are downloaded.

Since I had trouble with the „All notebooks offline“ selection, I did it notebook by notebook. It takes some clicks here and there, but it worked for me, and avoided uninstalling the app.

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Offline downloading is still ... imperfect.  I was never able to get my 7000 note notebook downloaded.  Others, include one with 700 notes did download.  With the large notebook I tried what you mentioned and would get about 2/3 complete when the app would start crashing.  Once that started, the only fix was to uninstall / reinstall.  I've tried this three times now with the same results.  I will wait for the next update before giving it another go.

I hope they work through this.  Downloading offline notebooks has always been slow but at least it would eventually complete, and then work fine after that.

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