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Cant update my email adress

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Every time I try changeing my email - Evernote prompt that I have have typed in the wrong password. Even though that is not tru, I do type or copy/past in the precise password I use to login. Works everytime I login but not when I shall change email adress. 

Thanks for any support

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Yes through the web client !  I guess now that OS doesnt matter using the web client and this question should be in another thread.. 😃  sorry missed that

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Hi again - I moved the post for you (I'm special ;)).  I don't have access to either v10 or the latest Web UI (clearly I'm not that special) so excuse any dumb suggestions. 

These Evernote pages might help - 

How to change your account login email address

Swap the email addresses between two separate Evernote accounts - (just in case)

Otherwise: if you go to 'help' in the Windows client,  is there a 'go to my account page' option?  Try that for access...


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